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Sabrina Hanrahan

Sabrina founded Hanrahan School of music back in 2007

Sabrina is a graduate from WIT BaMus in 2002.

Sabrina has been teaching for the last 20 years! Teaching various instruments; Classical Flute, Trad flute, Tin Whistle, Folk Guitar, Recorder, Keyboard but now focuses mainly on the piano.

Sabrina has also taught Junior and Leaving Cert theory and although has taken a step back in those fields is now going to reintroduce these subjects to the school with the help of the new teachers.

Sabrina loves to create new fun ideas and games to help the young beginners have a fun way to learn the piano .

These games and ideas will soon be able to purchase from our online store.

The most rewarding part of teaching is without doubt watching the students grow from children to adults and parents allowing us the honour to be part of their child's lives and personal development

Sabrina's proudest work moment to date..... Hiring 5 of her own students to help teach within the studio but also watch another head off to Trinity to study music and now return to become a member of the team. 

Sabrina Hanrahan: Team
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