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Leaving Cert Music Tech 2023

Join us for this One day Course

Learn all you need to know for Music Technology Course

Worth 25% of your final exam

Leaving Cert Music (3).png

What You Will Need

  • Must have own Laptop (Tablet and phone are incompatibale with the music programme

  • Download the latest version of Musescore (free), Follow the links below



  • All other materials needed will be emailed closer to the course date

Image by Kari Shea

The Course Includes

The course includes 

  • Music to work with on the day of exam 

  • A complete breakdown from the begining on how to prepare for the exam

    • Setting up Muse Score before entering the exam​

    • Music to use 

    • How to enter the music as swiftly as possible 

    • How to make the audible changes 

    • Mock exam 

    • Q&A 

  • Students can reach out to us at anytme by email with any questions they might have from the course or in relation to any problems they might be having in regards to musescore.

Writing Music
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