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Martin Flynn

Guitar Teacher 

Electric Guitar teacher 

My name is Martin Flynn, and I am the Electric Guitar Teacher.

Right now (September 2022) I am in my third year in the Ba (Hons) in Music degree at SETU.


I have been playing instruments from a young age and have been surrounded by music from even younger. When I started guitar, I played on an acoustic but quickly realised I wanted to play electric guitar. And ever since I got my first electric, I have been passionate about learning the craft. My biggest influences in music have been blues artists like B.B. King or Stevie Ray Vaughan but I love all styles, from Metallica’s loud, aggressive, metal tone to Joe Pass’ relaxed, thin, smooth jazz sound. I am very familiar with the history of the electric guitar from its use in modern progressive rock to the beginnings of the British invasion.


Teaching a student what they want is the most important thing to me. In my eyes, a students’ motivation to pick up the guitar is priority. Without it, a student will not progress as fast as they might hope, and so, may not reach the standard set by themselves and may quit regardless of the encouragement. That is why each student is treated as an individual, not just a name on a page. Their music tastes and inclinations are what drives them to pick up and play the guitar. I am open to students putting forward what they want to learn, whether it be rock and roll from the 60s, guitar shred from the 80s, grunge in the 90s or modern pop bands who keep the electric guitar in the spotlight. I am here to teach them.


I am very passionate about teaching and love being part of the ‘light-bulb’ moments. When a student realises their potential is the best feeling as an educator and I cannot wait to get started with you.

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