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Our Background

Sabrina founded Hanrahan School of music back in 2007. It has grown and changed a lot since then.​

Sabrina has been teaching for the last 20 years! Teaching various instruments; Classical Flute, Trad flute, Tin Whistle, Folk Guitar, Recorder, Keyboard but now focuses mainly on the piano.

Sabrina through a previous job was a music teacher in various local primary schools in  New Ross delivering a music and recorder programme to the schools. This was a great opportunity for young people of the area to discover music and move on to other instruments if they so desired.

When Sabrina branched out on her own she was a weekly visitor to Poulfur National School again bringing her love of music to the students of Fethard-On-Sea and the surrounding areas. When the school extended in 2018 Sabrina was able to introduce guitar and piano as an option to the students of Poulfur. However, since Covid Sabrina has been unable to return to the school.

Sabrina has also taught Junior and Leaving Cert theory and although has taken a step back in these fields is now going to reintroduce these subjects to the school with the help of the new teachers.

​Since lockdown the school has gone under so many changes. Determined not to let the school stumble, Sabrina ungraded the technology within the school dramatically to make sure that everyone could continue with their music lessons. Within a week of the announcement of the first lockdown all classes had moved online. We may have started with classes using our phone screens but the tech has grown and grown, some of which you can see in our Gallery. This technology has been a huge asset to the school, and we will continue to incorporate it into our teaching some of things available now are:

  • online classes

  • option to switch to online classes if unable to attend in person

  • access to music sheets online 

  • online videos to play along with 

  • all scales are available online along with play along videos

  • all exam pieces are available online with broken down videos to play along with. These have been massively successful and any student using them consistently at home are seeing great results.

The school is about to embark on its biggest change to date. We have hired 3 professional teachers, teaching Guitar, Ukulele, Violin, Classical Flute and of course Piano. 

Along with Jessica we are adding two more student teachers to help with the massively high demand for piano lessons.

This is a massive step for the school, but, a very exciting one, with a lot more plans and ideas ready to burst out on the scene.

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