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Writing Music

Leaving Cert
Music Theory

Learn All You need for the Theory Section Of Music Leaving Cert

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  • Take advantage of one of the the best kept secrets for Music Students 🤫

  • Play the point game for your Leaving Cert and WIN! 🎖️

  • Students don't always realise that your points are taken from your TOP 6 subjects. If you have been playing music since you were a child this is your chance to use it for your advantage 😲

  • Half of LC Music Paper marks come from performing - that's 50% to play an instrument you have been learning all your life! 😃

  • However, some schools can't offer the theory section of the exam or it comes up against a subject you need for your college course 🤔

  • This is your chance to take this subject as an EXTRA for YOUR LC exam - use it to boost your points to help get you into your dream course/college. 🥳

  • We are now open to regisration for this course for anyone interested ✏

  • Suitable to anyone starting 4th or 5th year taking the LC exam in 2024 or 2025

  • Not close to us? don't worry, join our classes online 💻

Why Join Us?

Online meeting

What is in the Course:

  • Learn the 4 Set orchestral Works (Set A)

  • Study all about Irish Music

  • Develop Compositional Skills

  • Revision on Basic Music Concepts Aural Skills

Music Sheets
Music Sheets

Students will Recieve

  • Weekly encouragement

  • Guided Notes

  • Access to Powerpoints for easy visual learning

  • Step by Step instructions

  • Audio Aids 

  • Discount on Technology Crash Course

Writing Music
Image by Simone Secci
Image by Simone Secci


Should I have music covered for my Junior Cert?

No, the great thing about the leaving Cert Music course is it is not a continuation from the Junior Cert All material will be covered as new.

Do I Need to play an Instrument?

Yes, this is a must for Leaving Cert Music. You would need to have an instrument at a minimum grade 3 standard and continuing to take instrumental lessons. Irish Trad Musicians would also need to be same grade or playing a minimum of 5 years.

Will I need the ability to read Music?

Yes (ish!) you need to have an understanding of the basic concepts of music, work out note names, rhythms.

An understanding of scales and arpeggios/chords would be a huge benefit but not a necessity straight away and will also be taught.

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