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How Payments are Calculated

We teach over 35 weeks of the year, however with holidays and school terms and bank holidays, sometimes this means that one month has only two or three lessons, while the next month may have 5 lessons, depending on your lesson day. Many parents expressed their frustration with the previous system of paying for that month’s lessons each month, mostly because their invoice was a different amount each month. So, we chose a new plan for invoicing and paying for lessons, to make it easier and more transparent for parents. Those 35 weeks that we teach take place across 10 months (so, 9 monthly payments). If we add up the cost of all the lessons (for example 25 per 1:1 lesson X 35 weeks), the cost for the entire school year is 875 We take the monthly average of this, 97.22, and invoice parents for this amount each month, in order to keep everything at a steady rate across the months, as opposed to having a low bill in December/April and a potentially bigger bill in November/March. On the 10th month (June) we will charge for a half month to hold your place in Sept and on return in Sept you will only pay half a month, this will also make things easier for parents to budget for September with the added expenses of back to school.



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