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How Payments are Calculated

Our teaching program takes place over a total of 35 weeks in a year, which is spread out across 10 months. This means that parents pay for the lessons they receive every month for a total of 10 months. If we calculate the cost of all the lessons, which is €25 per 1:1 lesson across 35 weeks, the total cost for the entire school year would be €875. To make things easier for parents, we invoice them €87.50 per month, which is the monthly average. This allows for a consistent monthly bill across the entire year, rather than having a low bill in December and April, and a potentially larger one in November and March.

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Deposit Requirements for New Sign-Ups

To enrol with us, we require a deposit equivalent to one month's tuition. This deposit will be held until the student decides to leave us permanently. We will split this deposit across the student's first two months of attendance.

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