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Guitar & Ukulele

Popular Guitar

These lessons are the performers choice for the aspiring singer and musician, ranging in styles from pop, folk, rock and fingerpicking depending on the interest of the student. 

Whether you have the steel-string or the nylon-string guitar, we will be learning chords and melodies from easy-to-read tablature. 

This is the route for beginner to intermediate guitarists all the way up to advanced players. We will cover a functional understanding and application of theory, with the option of internationally-recognised RGT Grade exams available on request!

Bass Guitar

Lessons are available for early grade performers.

This is perfect for the young musician who is looking to learn the foundations of the band. 

The lessons focus on performance, musicianship, bass patterns, theory as well as aural development. Repertoire will include iconic riffs from rock, folk, pop and funk. 

Amps will be available for use in school. 



Lessons are available for beginners from 7 up and all aspiring performers. 

Lessons will focus on repertoire from pop and rock, strumming and fingerpicking, learned through easy-to-read tablature and colour-coded layout. 

With our Full-Time Program, students can experience Hanrahan School of Music exactly how they want.

Hanrahan School of Music is an ideal School of Music for students to build a solid foundation with the Guitar. No matter which program you pick, you’re guaranteed a quality education from passionate instructors. Whether you’re enrolled or thinking of applying, continue browsing to read about our programs, and so much more.

Junior Beginners (7-9)

(ages 7-9) will start using a programme aimed completely at this age group. Lots of simple songs to bring them on their Guitar journey 

Middle Beginner (ages 10-12)

Aimed at older students this programme moves at a pace that keeps the older student engrossed and progressing fast enough that they can feel they are learning a lot quickly.

Teenage Beginner

 (age 13+) aimed at the older beginner we access what the student might already know musically and what they what to get from the lessons we will then develop a programme especially for that student.

Adult Beginners or Reintroduction

Introducing morning & evening classes for the adult beginner.  This is ideally for one to one classes and will move at a pace that the student can handle and their busy lives can cope with!

Progressive Learners

May be you have decided to take up the instrument again or maybe you have decided to move to our studio. We will discuss what might have been covered and where you would like to go and build a programme from there.

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