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Anita Dwyer

The courses taught by Anita will be both popular and memorable. Every class taught by Anita will ensure that the student receives the best guidance to help nourish and develop the students interest in music. 

Anita is a past student of Hanrahan School of Music studying both the flute and piano with Sabrina for her later grades. 

Anita graduated from Trinity College Dublin B.A. (hons) in Music, focusing on Musicology and Composition. 

Anita has always had an interest in music, and has been playing the flute for almost 15 years. Along with the flute, she also plays keyboard and piano and performs as part of choir.

Anita has plenty of experience in teaching, having worked for the past few years as head tutor in an educational company. 

A self-proclaimed "music nerd" she has a keen interest in the blending of styles and pop culture with classical music techniques.

"I am so excited to join Hanrahan School of Music! I'm a former student of the school and I strongy believe in the mental and physical health benifits of playing an instrument. I can't wait to begin teaching and getting to know all the brilliant students"

Anita Dwyer: TeamMember
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