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Morning Adult Classes


Music Lessons at a Quieter Time!

Are you an adult who always wanted to learn music but could never quite find the time?

Well these classes might be exactly what you need...

These classes will begin at 10:00 am and run to 13:00 am in 30mins slots, perfect to avoid clashing with the school run!

These classes are tailored to our one to one or buddy classes (so grab a friend and learn together!)

These are tailored to what YOU want to learn. The basics will be thought first (basic theory, notes, note location) and once they are established we will move with the style you would like to learn

  • pop

  • classical

  • prepare for exams 

We are aware that your busy lifestyle might mean you might not be able to practise every day, if at all! That's ok if you have a hectic week we will go over what you learned the week before to make sure you understand what was covered and move from there. Each class will move at a pace that suits you and what you can manage each week.

At the moment we are offering these classes for Piano, Guitar, Ukulele and Violin.

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