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 Toddler Music Class 


Once off payment
6 weeks 
Nov 10th - Dec 15th

Research has shown that babies respond intuitively to music

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Verbal Skills


Co ordination

Introduction to Music

Join Doireann on this 6-week intro course to music

Suitable for ages 2-4 this class focuses on 

early exposure

  • Early exposure to rhymes, tickle games, songs and instruments reinforce core first year developmental milestones such as eye contact, object permanence, and bonding.


  • In these interactive workshops, our mini musicians enjoy action songs, topical songs, instrumental songs and dances that stimulate natural responses to music.


  • Instruments, suitable for each age group, such as maracas, cage bells, castanets and drums are used, as well as colourful scarves and parachutes for movement.


  • The classes are based on the latest research in infant musical development and help to develop listening and motor skills.


  • Classes are 45 minutes and require the participation of the carers. 

preparing for an instrument

At Hanrahan School of Music, we introduce your child to age specific songs and activities that *will help nurture their inner musician*. Each class is led by Doireann using a designed curriculum to bring your child on their first musical journey with us.


time to sing

Every class is led by the one instrument we all have, the voice. This section of our class is a perfect time for parents and children to bond using familiar songs and nursery rhymes with a twist!

time to move

*Beginning with* moving to the beat using simple gestures and movements in our toddler class to more complex movement as we grow and learn. We often use colourful props, such as parachutes, scarves & ribbons, to help us express what we hear in the music eg. Jumping, creeping, dancing, marching

time to play

In this section our mini musicians get to perform, using a variety of fascinating and colourful percussion instruments, especially made for little hands. Starting with emphasising a steady beat.

time to sleep

At the end of every class, your child will enjoy some quiet time to sing, learn a poem, cuddle and listen to some beautiful classical music. This is a perfect opportunity for our budding musicians to practise active listening and learn all about the different instruments of the orchestra.

Carer required to stay for the class

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